Blue Friends
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  • unique gameplay
  • hand-crafted pixel art and enhanced animations
  • amazing music (earphones/headphones recommended!)
  • two game modes (adventure mode and endless mode)
  • lots of achievements
  • leaderboards
  • tons of collectables
  • interactive clouds (they can be burst out and used as springboard)
  • secret combos
  • many creatures: dogs, mice, dragonflies, hedgehogs and more
  • optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 (or iPod touch) and iPad
  • feel free to play Blue Friends offline - your scores and achievements will be synchronized automatically in the main menu when you have Internet connection
  • you can share your score with your friends on Facebook & Twitter
  • VIP player mode (available via In-App purchase for only $0.99 / 0,89€)! Features:
    1. no advertisements
    2. VIP badge in the main menu
    3. you can play with Bunny Friends as well
    4. you support the creators


Screen shot
Screen shot
Screen shot
Screen shot
Screen shot

What people are saying about Blue Friends

"I love the style of this - getting my brain round avoiding two sets of obstacles at a time is something it's not quite prepared for yet :)"
- DavidN

"A platform game with simple but cute animated characters, where the point is the accurate jump."
- MacLife (November, 2008)
5 points out of 6


Do you remember Blue Friends? It was a Dashboard Widget in 2008 that hit the 1st place in the list of the top widgets. The adventure of the Blue Friends continues in a full-featured arcade-adventure game with two exciting game modes!


The Blue Friends had many nice memories together during their adventure. However, the photos of these nice moments have been lost. Explore the fascinating world of the Blue Friends and find the lost pieces of the photos!


The creators' goal was to make something unique: a game with a special atmosphere. The result of our work is in your hands: a game in retrospective style, hand-crafted pixel art graphics, unique gameplay and amazing music. We hope you will get the feeling we wanted to pass on!

Keep your earphones ready

Listen to the excellent music of Impression while playing Blue Friends!


Do you like it? Would you like to see a new feature? Or did you find a bug?

You can find me on Facebook or Twitter (or simply use the "Feedback" button in the About section of the game).

Get Blue Friends on your iPhone/iPad now!

It's only $0.99 (0,89 €)! It's FREE! ;)

Available on the App Store!

Version 1.2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using iOS 5.1 or later

You can play the free version without any limitations!
However, you can support the creators by becoming a VIP player (it's only $0.99/0,89 €). » See advantages above!

What's new in version 1.2

  • Blue Friends: Flashback is better than ever
  • Blue Friends is now FREE!*
  • also available for iPad!
  • easier gameplay thank to the modified collectable system
  • new VIP player mode (available via In-App purchase for only $0.99 / 0,89€)! Features:
    1. no advertisements
    2. VIP badge in the main menu
    3. you can play with Bunny Friends as well
    4. you support the creators
  • new app icon that fits the new iOS versions
  • several bug fixes

*For customers who bought Blue Friends earlier: You don't have to buy the VIP player mode. If you have previously bought Blue Friends, you are entitled to become a VIP player for free. Please send me an e-mail (use the “Feedback” button in the “About” section of the game) with the following information:

  • Your GameCenter nickname
  • Your country
  • The exact date (year/month/day) of your purchase

After you receive the confirmation e-mail, you will get the VIP badge. Enjoy Blue Friends and thank you for your support! :)

What's new in version 1.1

  • a new walking creature
  • opportunity to share your score on Facebook & Twitter
  • Facebook & Twitter links in the menu
  • several bug fixes
  • small enhancements


Q: Why is there a picture of the Moon on this website (in desktop version)?
A: The Moon became someway a symbol of Blue Friends. However, it appears only once in the game.

Q: What happened to the Dashboard Widget?
A: It's still available! It's quite outdated, though: there could be problem with loading it onto your Dashboard. I am really sorry for the inconvenience, this could be because of the new Java updates.